When You Must Create Your Own Job

Create Your OwnWe consulted with a candidate who is an expert in the market space where mobile technology intersects with business commerce. After many months of fruitlessly searching for a job, he needs to re-assess his go-to-market strategy. Most companies and recruiters he’s speaking with don’t have these jobs to fill, at least not yet. While he’s in a technology sector that’s rapidly emerging, many companies have yet to embrace this new media tool.

Thus, he would be better served by changing his search paradigm from seeking a job to building an opportunity that will enrich an enterprise. Companies that have a commercially viable application for this technology and have not yet leveraged it have an unrealized revenue opportunity that he can actualize.

In other words, the job that he wants is the job that needs to be created. His success will be a function of his ability to target specific “market aggressive” companies and demonstrate how he can create a bridge that connects unmet opportunities with the promise of otherwise unmet profits.

If you can articulate your potential to add value somewhere in the business cycle, then opportunities will present themselves, doors will open and your career will flourish. Sometimes you, as the prospective employee, need to create the imperative for a job opening before it can be filled.

Read more tips & strategies on this and other topics  from the Get What You Set web site.


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