I’m “Pretty Good” Doesn’t Cut It

Pretty GoodStop saying that you’re “pretty good” at something. Pretty good is approximate, tentative, and ambiguous. If a hiring manager is looking to employ you, spend serious cash on your salary, put their reputation on the line, entrust you with a budget, people, assets, systems and/or clients, then they need to have absolute clarity on your skills. Just as one can’t be pretty pregnant (because it’s impossible), one can’t be pretty good. Good needs to be more accurately defined.

So how do you blow your horn without being perceived as an arrogant braggart? It’s really simple. Start your sentence with something like: “I have been recognized for my analytical skills, having effectively exposed valuable information buried in mounds of data…”

You’re using others’ words, which is a culturally acceptable way to display your well deserved accomplishments. By singing your song in a tune that will resonate, the melody of your message will remain long after your interview ends.

Read more tips and strategies on Interviewing on the Get What You Set web site.


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