Applying Sunshine & Oxygen on Career Change

If you want to change your career, you’re in great company as most people make 5-8 significant job/career changes in their working life.  Change is hard, especially when you’re transitioning into another career.  How do you compete with professionals already entrenched in their area of expertise when you’re looking to break into the field?

Ponder this.  If you can convince an employer that your skills, experience, market exposure and personal attributes will more than compensate for lack of specific industry expertise, then you have a better chance of out-selling a seasoned veteran.  Let’s explore something as nebulous as work ethic.  I’d rather hire someone who pours everything they have into everything they do than a tired “expert”.

Having a strong work ethic is a very attractive attribute.  But it’s not enough to say just that because everyone uses this generic term.  What’s more impressive and meaningful is if you can communicate what’s so special about your work ethic and how it manifests in the workplace.  For example, sell an employer on how you have:

  • Rapidly ramped up to speed on various projects
  • Brought a relentless focus and passion to your work
  • Rebounded from failures
  • Hurdled over otherwise immovable obstacles
  • Stepped out of your comfort zone

In thinking about the value of work ethic, consider this metaphor.  Every large tree has expansive roots that spread out far beneath the surface.  These roots are your attributes that stabilize and nourish your professional essence.  And it is this essence that carries the load, withstands the winds of change and enables you to branch out far beyond your wildest expectations.

The reality in the business world is that here are too few superstars and far too many mediocre employees.  That’s why when someone comes around with a “let’s get-it-done” work ethic, they bring the sunshine and oxygen that companies are so desperate for.

Read more tips & strategies on Career Transitions on the Get What You Set web site.


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