The Art of Self-Promotion

Everyone is repulsed by braggarts – people who are shameless self promoters.

The truth is that (thankfully) these people rarely exist in the job search and career transition arena, as I can’t remember the last time I spoke with a candidate whom I felt was arrogant. Sure, people say off-color things when the stakes are high in an interview. But this doesn’t mean they are bragging. Typically, they are nervous and get caught in an awkward moment.

Here’s the formula for broadcasting your skills without being viewed as bragging. Write down and rehearse the 4-5 points that distinguish you from your peers. In other words, what home-runs have you delivered that demonstrate why you are such a strong candidate for a job. Know your messages cold so that in the heat of the moment, they are ready to be launched without a moment of consideration.

Don’t be afraid to speak matter-of-factly about your specific achievements. For example:

  • Exceeded management’s expectations by deploying a restructuring initiative that achieved…
  • Helped position my previous employer to be more market competitive and provide value-added service to its clients by…
  • Received multiple awards for generating year-over-year improvements to…
  • Worked with world-class experts in “x’, which provided me with a unique perspective to…

Be proud of who you are and what you have done and deliver your accomplishments in a direct, professional and measured way. Every action creates a reaction, and your role in selling yourself is to activate job opportunities, promotions or advancements. You’ll know if you did this well when a faint smile appears on the listeners face or you sense some other visceral reaction that captures their interest.

Read more tips & strategies on this and other topics  from the Get What You Set web site.

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