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I just spoke with a client who works for a real estate investment group as its business developer and legal counsel. With this sector’s slow recovery, he’s feeling displaced, nervous and desperate to find financial stability. At 45 with 4 children from 3 to 13, he needs to be in the prime of his earning potential. Yet, he feels like he’s got little to show for over 20 years of impressive work.

Unfortunately he’s in great company, as a vast majority of candidates we speak with are in the same position or feel anxiety about their stability. In an economy that’s shifting faster than we realize, we’re all playing musical chairs. Unless we get moving, find clarity on what we’ve accomplished and what it all means to someone who’d hire us, we will be left standing when the music stops.

Relief came as he reflected on his experience and realized that he’s “in the business of earning sizable revenue from untapped sectors of the real estate market”. Suddenly his anxiety turned to excitement and darkness turned to light. He discovered his WOW and can now articulate it to people he networks with and to potential hiring managers.

Now he has an unfair advantage in the game of musical chairs because he can better align himself to the music of the market and use his speed and agility to find his well deserved spot.

Read more tips & strategies on this and other topics  from the Get What You Set web site.

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